The Bender's Circuit at MuzeuMM


Mishelle MuzeuMM
Majestically Marvelous

Mishelle: 'twas a vast pleasure to meet you and
your grand achievement gallery muzeumm
of sound circuit bending at the Bender's Circuit 2016
4811 West Adams at Harcourt near La Brea

Most inventive art gallery concept format featuring
avant garde sounds streaming alongside hyper-graphic visuals
transmitted by multiple projectors indoor and outside
where Mishelle and her gracious hostess team:

Taya bartenderess with London flair
Luna the Luscious Lady beaming constant happy vibes
Angela playful angel & photographer with lively blonde curls
Katharine the Klassy hostess-mingler / team leader
Elaine foxy style of wardrobe and cute personality
& the other blonde woman with the ongoing chat (see photos)

Affixing His Stamp of Approval (~.~)


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