"MuzeuMM is probably the most, well, unique gallery on our list as far as programming goes. In a creative space that opened in 2009 next to Tivetsky Art Restoration in the West Adams district of LA, MuzeuMM offers a number of avant-garde shows, such as its recent “Abstract Never Is,” an exhibition of both contemporary and historical abstract photography in a vibrant collaboration with the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA). Founder and director Mishelle Moross mostly focuses on contemporary art, and though the subject matter is often mature, it’s actually a family-friendly and dog-friendly venue known for throwing great parties."


ART DAILY - LOS ANGELES CA. "One thing is clear to all who step into MuzeuMM, a gallery that opened in October 2009 in L.A.’s West Adams district: I’ve stepped into another world." 

MuzeuMM is a daring semi-new art gallery that opened in October 2009, in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, a burgeoning creative enclave located directly between the gallery districts of downtown and Culver City.
MuzeuMM Founder and Director Mishelle Moross whose mother is a St. Petersburg born artist - so that makes her world re-nowned ;) Lena Moross and whose father was a Motown recording artist with the Soviet dissident band Black Russian guides this innovative space. MuzeuMM shares its facility with her other father, Aleksei Tivetsky, the founder of the West coast's most sought-after art restoration and conservation studio; Tivetsky Art Restoration & Conservation INC.


Since its opening, MuzeuMM has shown work by these artists:


Aleksei Tivetsky
Alison Romanczuk
Angela Izzo
Anna Stump
Austin Young
Baha Danesh
Becky Stafford
Bianka Kovar
Bibi Davidson
BillY Pacak
Cathi Milligan
Chenhung Chen
Cherie Benner Davis
Ching Ching Cheng
Christian Kasperovitz
Christian Tedeschi
Christina Mesiti
Cindy Rehm
Collin Stafford
Cynthia Minet
Daena Title
Danny Shain
David French
Deidre Sullivan-Beema
Diana Hobstetter
Diane Holland
Diane Williams
Don Bachardy
Eden Cipolla
Edmund Teske
Eloísa Ejarque
Emilie Carroll
Eraldo Mauro
Eva Ryan
Eve Wood
Faith Taylor
Fatemeh Burnes
Gianni Arone
Greg Rose
Irma Barbosa
Isaac Clarke
Jacob Szekely
Jacob Szekely Trio
Jameson Kleiner
Jeff Cain
Jenene Nagy
Jenifer Yeuroukis
Joe Wolek
Joey Wolf
John Knuth
Julia Schwartz
Juri Koll
Justin Rosenberg
Katie Grip
Katy Cowan
Keenan Chapan
Kelly Thompson
Kiki Seror
Kimberly Morris
Kio Griffith
Kirk Pedersen
Kristine Schomaker
Laurent-David Garnier
Lawrie Margrave
Lena Moross
Lena Wolek
Leonard Konopelski
Lilli Muller
Lisa Rosel
Liz Nurenberg
Lori Pond
Malka Nedivi
Maren Hoffman
Maria Larsson
Max Presneill
May Tanferri
Meghan Smythe
Michelle Carla Handel
Mishelle Moross
Morgan Green
Nicolette Spears
Noah Saterstrom
Noel Davis
Ofelia Marquez
Osceola Refetoff
Peter Liashkov
Philip Pirolo
Polina Pearl
Poline Shooshani
Rebeca Mendez
Robbert Flick
Ruth Weisberg
Sabina Rose Derick
Sam Smith
Sandrocks Art
Sasha vom Dorp
Sergei Tivetsky
Sheli Silverio
Shiva Aliabadi
Shula Singer Arbel
Siobhan McClure
Stefanie Nafé
Suda House
Svetlana Ivanova
Sylviana Gallini
Tanya Batura
Ted Meyer
Tiffany England
Tilghman Branner
Tom Dunn
Victoria Sebanz
Virginia Broersma
Weronika Trojanska
Zeina Baltagi