Film by Eric Minh Swenson. MUZEUMM, Los Angeles edition featuring the works by 19 artists. 

Human sexuality is the most essential biological urge of humankind, driving us to procreate in order to survive as a species. As we have evolved, sex has taken on new twists and turns, thrusting itself into all aspects of our lives. As sex evolved into recreation, the art of creation has to.

Sex sells, sex is craven. As the lowest common denominator of all decision-making, sex permeates the primal subconscious of our consumer needs. If it stimulates, it will sell. There's an appetite, and we want it gratified. We want it shiny. We want it sleek. We want it exciting. They call it the wet look, because it makes you wet. All advertising is driven by sex. And so is art.

Artists of all disciplines try to emulate godliness through creating, an exercise of procreation that arouses the primal instincts into producing work that ultimately sustains life. The life of an artist is to create work that is validated not just by the self, but through criticism and ultimately, the market place. The ultimate payoff is to win over both academia and commerce, with a legacy payoff to achieve an orgasmic destiny.

In death, all artists want glory. The glory of death is the riches of life, and by making it rich, the artist strives to become a God in his lifetime. By living a full life, artists make love to the world, and those notches on their belts are their legacy. The glory of life will be measured by how much and how well you made love with it. "Was it good?" will be the first thought upon your death.

Artists are primal, sex sells, and human form is expression of ourselves and of our gods. Driven by domination, enslavement, inspiration, and empowerment, my NUDE SURVEY curatorial series is a documentation of the human form under all disciplines. It is life exposed in its glorious form, naked and raw, polished and supple, wet and warm. Everyone wants to suck from the spring of life.

NUDE SURVEY is a continuing curatorial series that is a celebration of you and your soul. It’s about creation in its most purest-naked sense. It’s about your godliness, which I ultimately believe you and your work are worth celebrating.

Hollywood, Feb. 2015

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